tiny house kitchen design

Tiny House Kitchen Design

Speaking of sailboats and RV’s, tiny house builders often use items specialized for sailboats and RV’s in their tiny house. The combo kitchen units sold to RV and boat-owners are good for tiny houses since they’re relatively cheap, and offer a sink, cooking platform, refrigerator, and storage all in one unit.
tiny house kitchen design 1

Tiny House Kitchen Design

Hi, I'm Ethan. Starting in June of 2012, I built my own tiny house on wheels. I really love it. Since then, I’ve written and published a book to help you build your own tiny house, called Tiny House Decisions.
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Tiny House Kitchen Design

Starting in June of 2012, I built my own tiny house on wheels. I really love it. Since then, I’ve written and published a book to help you build your own tiny house, called Tiny House Decisions.
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Tiny House Kitchen Design

The Circle®‘ Kitchen is an innovative high-tech compact kitchen concept. The 180° revolving functional kitchen design features all the characteristics of a traditional kitchen with an incredibly low demand on overall space, less than 1.8 square metres. The revolving concept offers intelligent kitchen comfort compressed into the smallest space but with a storage capacity equivalent to 12 cupboards and a bench top length of approx. 3000 mm, equipped with refrigerator, dishwasher, ceramic hob, oven with microwave, range hood, sink and waste bin as a conventional kitchen. This kitchen creation can be placed anywhere in the room, also space saving centrically in between walls and in angled corners or recesses and it can be harmoniously integrated with other key living spaces. More info here
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Tiny House Kitchen Design

Designing a tiny house is like solving a puzzle—For some puzzles are a source of bottomless frustration for others to the point where they try to find ways to cheat. Don’t cut corners, or you could end up with a kitchen that’s about as useful as a Rubix Cube with half of its stickers removed. But if you love solving puzzles, (and you follow my recommendations) you’ll love designing, building, and cooking in your tiny house kitchen.
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Tiny House Kitchen Design

While this might not matter in a regular house, in a tiny house, those extra few inches can make a big difference. If you’re determined to use every inch of space sensibly, using regular kitchen cabinets for your tiny house won’t be the best decision.
tiny house kitchen design 6

Tiny House Kitchen Design

An overlooked essential every tiny house kitchen needs: ventilation! We can’t stress this enough, you must make sure you have adequate ventilation in both your kitchen and your bathroom. Tiny houses have moisture problems due to their small area. Consider installing a range hood, dehumidifier, and/or air exchanger. You’ll come across tons of half-baked ideas on how to reduce moisture—for example, amassing thousands of silicon packets from beef jerky packages is not an effective or environmentally-friendly way to reduce moisture.
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Tiny House Kitchen Design

I don’t know about you but the kitchen is one of my favorite, and most important places in the house. A well designed one can make your life so much easier, while a poor design leaves you frustrated and scattered. In a tiny house it becomes especially important to think about the design and layout, from the size of your appliances, to storage for your dishes, gadgets, pots, pans, etc. So below we gathered some of our favorite examples for your inspiration.
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Now you see it, now you don’t! Miniki is the solution to an old problem. In small apartments where the kitchen and lounge are often one room, there is a need for the kitchen to disappear after use. Miniki is the first kitchen system that transforms into an elevated sideboard after use. Three different basic modules are available (mk1, mk2, mk3) to match all individual requirements. These modules can be combined to suit all tastes and so provide the perfect kitchen for all purposes. There are kitchens for all requirements – from the mini-kitchen with just one sink and some storage room for small offices to kitchenettes with, for instance, a fridge and two cooking zones, or a fully equipped eat-in kitchen with the full range of functions. More info here
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#10, Little Beach Cottage Kitchen would be my favorite, and I could definitely live with this kitchen. I love the white cabinets and yellow walls, plus the full size fridge is a plus, although not 100% necessary. #13, New Zealand Artist Tiny Kitchen is 2nd favorite, mainly because it is so sleek. #17, I prefer an L shape rather than a galley kitchen if it’s too narrow, but think I could live with this one.
tiny house kitchen design 10

In a tiny kitchen, counter space is a luxury and clutter is your enemy. Bare counters are pleasing to the eye and functional for folding laundry, unpacking groceries and food prep. Bulky appliances such as microwaves, toaster ovens, and coffee machines will quickly consume your counters. So how do you declutter your counters in a tiny kitchen?
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Kitchen planning is obviously not a specialty of these guys. For the workflow its essential if somebody is a right or left handler. The no 3 Tumbleweed kitchen and no 1 are a good example for a left handler while no 2 and 10 seems to be designed for a right handler. Kitchen work usually starts with getting ingredients (fridge and dry), cleaning (sink), chopping and preparing and finally cooking and plating. In a tiny house the fridge has to be located where it fits and usually everything is in a range but the above examples are showing that a proper planning can be done.
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The little yellow beach kitchen is still the one for me! Fell in love with it and the entire interior the first time I saw it. Also another one I liked but it didn’t make the top 10, was the all white kitchen in the Proto Haus. I liked the nifty arrangement of the stove nook and semi-enclosed fridge–Also I like a galley kitchen where you can work back and forth. I really like to cook and need full size appliances (even if small). But if someone would drop the tiny yellow beach HOUSE in my lap, I would be a very happy woman!
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If you plan to move your tiny house a lot, however, storing your belongings on shelves rather than in cupboards might grow old quickly. You’ll have to take everything down every time you move, so it’s not loose for the journey. I would advise against going this route if you plan to travel in your tiny house.
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Sometimes buying new is best. But one of the biggest factors driving the tiny house movement is that it embraces the community-based culture that has arisen with the popularity of the internet. Trends like Craigslist, free stores, trade-based services are all in synergy with the ideals of the tiny house movement. Get acquainted with your neighbors and see if you can help each other.
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I love #5, except for one thing. I need windows in my kitchen, and this is all window; I would be wanting to study and eat and work here, too.Except that I never like a bathroom that opens into the kitchen space; you’re always running the risk of mingling odors. Beef stew and composting toilet? Yuck!I could live with #8, the Boulder kitchen. Lots of light, a cross breeze if it’s needed, no bathroom in sight. I would paint it a happier colour and be happy.And #15 is good, too. Nice wood, windows on two sides, a “breakfast” bar that I would use for eating and work. But there’s the bathroom again! I would be moving walls around to open the door on the end rather than the side. Or even to open the b’room door to the outside, as if it were an outhouse; anything rather than into the kitchen area!I have lived with a kitchen about this size; a two-burner hotplate and a small sink, with a roll-out chest freezer underneath the rest of the counter space, and a small fridge beside it. It was fine, even when I served Christmas dinner to the whole assembled family.
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Lots of choices, thanks for the photos!. I am live vegan and use the kitchen a LOT so whichever provides the most counter space/storage is best, the best would be the ones with two sides (versus one LONG kitchen). I do not need a dishwasher or clothes washer or dryer (i go to the laundrymat). Amazing how many options and choices there are for tiny homes, and some people do not care much for a big kitchen. namaste’, rachel
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As long as you believe you’ll be able to fit your kitchen items into it, there’s no reason why you can’t use another piece of furniture as your kitchen storage. You could salvage or buy a dresser like the one used in The Rustic Modern Tiny House to store your utensils, food, and cutlery.
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As you can see, there are loads of storage solutions you can use instead of or alongside regular kitchen cabinets for tiny houses. Whether your goal is to make better use of space, save money, or design a unique home, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your kitchen storage.

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