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Lady in the Wilderness – Recommendations on How to Camp by Yourself.

A camping event is an exciting activity of building memories. And this is the case, when you embark on a solo camping activity. Being along, you will have a tranquil environment for thinking.

For females, though, this is regarded not conducive. This is due to the gender disparity aspects. To them, you’d rather find a strong man to lean on and ward off the straying bears. Nonetheless, people are still finding solo camping to be a novelty, especially when you’ll be in a hotel. If you talk of getting to camp at a wilderness you get so many disapproval from people. In truth, most of the contentions that you will come across will be illogical. Such as, men are well stationed to deal with a bear, and this is untrue. Nonetheless, not all of the arguments are to be ignored. And some include.

to begin, you will be insecure. First forget about the bear story. You will still need to be sensitive about your security. The fact of the matter is that when you are staying in a hotel or an inn, your safety is somehow guaranteed. This is for the safety measures put in place to secure guests. And this is not the case for wilderness. Most common risks may include; will animals or opportunists who may spot an unaccompanied stranger. So, to avoid these problems, keep your family up to date with your progress. Take precaution and camp near houses, plus get to befriend the locals for your safety.

Then again, It will be difficult to manage to carry everything by yourself. This is something that you will get to hear when planning your camping event. Although this has nothing to do with physical strength, it is imperative to note that transport all the camping apparatus may be a problem, irrespective of being male or female. And you will note that, dealing with this, some people will avoid carrying other equipment ending up jeopardizing their safety and fun during the camping activity. It is then advisable that you pick the lightweight gear other than not carrying at all. A fold-able one individual tent, for example, will not overwhelm you. Similarly, something like a portable gazebo could be a light and viable option. Take time to weight your camping gear and carry the weight that you can manage.

Most people will tell you that you will not be safe after dark. This is because at night it is not possible to keep track of the map. In fact in a cold state, this may even be quite risky. For quality protection, sleep at night.

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