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Road Tax In UK: What Is Charged And What Are The Regulations?

Tax collection practices from one country to another. This is motivated by the fact that for healthy growth and development of a country, there must be measures put in place for the collection of taxes and revenues. Among others, UK has implemented road taxes as one of the ways to increase their revenue. The UK introduced a policy that for any diesel engine vehicle purchased, the owner is supposed to pay taxes varying between 15to 500 Euros. This article highlights UK road tax basics.

For those owning diesel vehicles, they are expected to be charged a higher tax compared to those owning petrol vehicles. This is because diesel vehicles emit more fumes as compared to petrol automobiles. Diesel engine vehicles received an increase in tax ranging between 20 to 500 Euros depending with the level of fume emission. To promote fairness and equity, this policy was implemented in all regions in UK.

There are various methods that you can use so as to get a notification on when the deadline for road fine approaches. One of the methods involves a DVLA notification that you get to receive several days before the deadline. On the other hand, you can visit the website and check whether your automobile has been taxed. All you will need to access this information is typing your car serial number.

The other thing that you should know is that there is no transfer of road fines between automobiles. This implies that the extra road fine for the unused period will not be of help. Upon purchase of a car that already had a road tax payment, you will still be required to immediately apply a fresh. The extra amount can be reclaimed only if the previous owner files for a refund. The only catch is that on the month of the selling transaction, the government will receive the road tax for the similar car on two occasions.

For every law that you fail to follow, there are consequences to face. First and foremost you will receive an 80 Euros fine for the offence committed. However, this fine can be reduced if you get to pay it within the first 28 days. For those who shill delay in paying the after fine, you may face court charges and get a 1000 Euros fine.

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