diy kitchen remodel ideas

Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Mix and Match Countertops Not all surfaces have to be the same. Wood countertops are reasonably priced, easy to install and can add a ton of character. Replace a small standalone prep area or do the whole kitchen. Tin-Tile Backsplash This is an easy project that should cost you no more than $100. Tin tile has many advantages: Its reflective properties will brighten a room, it is easy to clean and it comes in a variety of finishes to match your kitchen’s hardware and fixtures. Use All Wall Space Incorporate storage onto your backsplash and walls. Besides pre-made shelves, many retailers sell hooks, racks and rails that will hold all sorts of kitchen gadgets. Swap Out the Faucet A new fixture can add that extra shine you’re looking for. New faucets have a lot more functionality, so the upgrade can be more than just aesthetic. This is a good first-time DIY plumbing project to try. Just make sure you shut off the water valves and follow the directions carefully. Try a Peel-and-Stick Backsplash Kit An all-in-one mosaic tile kit is a snap to install and comes with everything you need, including the tools. The tile is peel-and-stick and the grout is pre-mixed so you save time, mess and money. Expose the Walls Open shelves visually add space because you are seeing more of the room’s walls. Think creatively when designing shelving. Here, the galvanized metal pipes used for supports add a funky industrial style. Incorporate Furniture This old oak side table was integrated into the kitchen island to add vintage charm. Search secondhand stores for treasures like this. Don’t worry what the top of the piece looks like; you can cover it with butcher block or a remnant of natural stone. Hang ’em High Pots and pans take up a lot of cabinet space. Hanging cookware on a rack suspended from the ceiling will free up a cabinet or two, and it will add more style to your kitchen. Concrete Island Making concrete countertops is not necessarily a hard DIY project, but it can be time-consuming. Start small by conquering an island or small cooking area. Concrete’s durability makes it a perfect accompaniment to cooktop areas. Change Out Hardware Replacing cabinet hardware is an inexpensive and easy update. Find knobs and pulls that are the same size as the existing ones so you don’t have to re-drill the cabinets. New Lighting After you install a new backsplash, countertop or what-have-you, you’ll want to show if off — new lighting can do just that. Add light sources that don’t require electrical work, or install bigger and better fixtures in the same spot. Add Seating A half-wall that separated the kitchen from the living area was turned into a breakfast bar with extra shelving. The vertical support holding up the table is hinged, allowing the tabletop to be folded down. Paint Kitchen Cabinets This project can take the better part of a weekend, but if done right, your kitchen will look brand new, and you’ll add value to your home.
diy kitchen remodel ideas 1

Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Here’s where the remodel gets messy. Old cabinetry and appliances are removed, and walls may have to be opened up for new electrical circuits. Keep in close contact with your contractor during this stage so you can answer questions and clear up any problems quickly. A major kitchen remodel can take six to 10 weeks, depending on how extensive the project is.
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Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Think there is no such thing as a budget-friendly kitchen makeover? Remodeling your Kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, with a little time and effort, you can refresh your kitchen space. Add your personal touch and style with this collection of ideas and tips that will help you to focus on what really matters in updating your kitchen.
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Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen remodeling is notorious for being expensive, but not all projects have to break the bank. Check out these stylish, wallet-smart transformations from DIY Network’s hit show I Hate My Kitchen .
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Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Despite the big price tag, you’ll be glad you upgraded. In fact, homeowners polled for the “Report” gave their kitchen redo a Joy Score of 9.8 — a rating based on those who said they were happy or satisfied with their remodeling, with 10 being the highest rating and 1 the lowest.If you can’t afford the entire remodel all at once, complete the work in these five budget-saving stages.
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Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

One of the more simple ideas to wholly transform any kitchen involves repainting the cabinetry. Using a sander, primer, enamel, rollers, sponges, and brushes, you can resurface and transform any cabinetry in your kitchen, adding contrast or blending with another element, such as natural hardwood flooring. It’s a simple yet extremely effective change that can add beauty and value in spades.
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Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Your plan should be comprehensive and detailed — everything from the location of the refrigerator to which direction the cabinet doors will open to whether you need a spice drawer.To save time (and money) during tear-out and construction, plan on using your existing walls and kitchen configuration. That’ll keep plumbing and electrical systems mostly intact, and you won’t have the added expense — and mess — of tearing out walls.Joseph Feinberg, vice president of Allied Kitchen and Bath in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., recommends hiring a professional designer, such as an architect or a certified kitchen designer, who can make sure the details of your plans are complete. You’ll pay about 10% of the total project for a pro designer, but you’ll save a whole bunch of headaches that would likely cost as much — or more — to fix. Plus, a pro is likely to offer smart solutions you hadn’t thought of.For a nominal fee, you also can get design help from a major home improvement store. However, you’ll be expected to purchase some of your cabinets and appliances from that store.
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Diy Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Of course you’re not going to implement every idea here, but we hope you get some inspiration for a low-cost kitchen reno.  Sometimes even slight changes can make a big impact.  If you’re planning a substantial kitchen reno, check out 12 kitchen design software options here.
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Something often overlooked when transforming a kitchen is the absolute surroundings: the entryways and windows that lead into and out of your kitchen. With a fresh selection of blinds and a resurfacing or new coat of paint, your windows can add striking detail, new textures and colors, and completely reframe the look of your kitchen.
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This homeowner had just $5,000 to build her kitchen. She scored big by going to a restaurant supply and salvage store, where she purchased a commercial oven, refrigerator, rolling carts and shelves, and even the kitchen sink for a fraction of retail price. She also stacked and hung old electrical-outlet boxes to create an inexpensive, one-of-a-kind spice rack.
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With new appliances and a trendy color scheme, this kitchen is barely recognizable. Host James Young removed one wall, opening up the space and connecting the kitchen to the dining room.
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After a makeover from HGTV’s Fixer Upper hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines, this kitchen feels far larger, even with a center island. By removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, the entire home feels more open. The original cabinets were painted white for a fresh look that also reflects light.
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Thanks to HGTV’s Property Brothers, this kitchen was given a brand new look by knocking down a wall, creating a seamless transition from room to room. The new kitchen features all-new appliances, granite countertops and gorgeous white cabinetry.
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One of many creative lighting solutions available today is the coffee cup light. Appearing as upside-down coffee cups and saucers, these relatively cheap products can add a dose of whimsy and fun to any kitchen. Appearing to “spill” light like coffee throughout your kitchen space, they’re a perfect compliment to the room you’re mostly likely sipping brew in.
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Without changing the entire sink, a simple new faucet purchase can add a ton of value and truly update a kitchen. With new designs and tones, in addition to the added functionality of detachable faucet heads, hoses, and the like, the relatively low cost prospect of adding a new faucet to your kitchen sink adds a surprising amount of change.
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This kitchen’s monochromatic countertops, cabinets and floors all scream “bland.” The cabinet boxes are in decent shape, but they could definitely use a new look.
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Beautiful details and finishes are key to an upscale kitchen, but they don’t have to cost a fortune. At $750, a backsplash made from stacked-stone panels adds a high-end look for a reasonable price. The gorgeous quartz countertops are a smart investment, since they never need to be resealed and will last for years.
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Creative, low-cost updates make this kitchen one of a kind. Inexpensive stock cabinets were styled with glass inserts and a coat of white paint, while a nature-inspired mural adds a ton of character for only $125. A custom-built walnut and steel tea cart and an exposed brick chimney add even more unique charm.

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