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Cladding System: Stucco vs EIFS

Any individual might have come across with the words Stucco and EIFS. Some may have minor ideas about it while some do not even really know what it is. But for most building enthusiasts, the differences of these two cladding systems are pretty much obvious. This content might just be a past time for you but it may also be enlightening and advantageous too particularly if you are in the field of building construction.

Stucco vs EIFS
A Short Background of its Origin
Stucco started from the Greeks and Romans while EIFS was brought in the United States of America in the year 1969.

Stucco contains the combo of materials like sand, lime, water, and cement. On the contrary, EIFS have polystyrene insulation board along with the base coat and the finish coat.

A standard stucco weighs 10.3 lbs and 7-8 inches thick while EIFS is only about 2 lbs. Because EIFS is much lighter, it doesn’t need a high structural load.

Will These Be Resistant to Cracks?
These two systems might be highly crack resistant but specifically for Stucco, jointing or curing must be done in the perfect way. Additionally, there is “flexibility” in terms of the EIFS coating such that it becomes less affected to structural movements.

How About Regarding Maintenance?
Both could be considered as having a mid-level of difficulty for repairs yet considering that dirt may deeply penetrate into the surface of the stucco, extra cleaning on this system may be required. On the other hand, EIFS may still appear fresh after many years, hence mild cleaning would be enough.

Which is More Energy Efficient?
One of the most significant differences between Stucco and EIFS is on energy efficiency. EIFS is reported to be highly efficient as compared to Stucco potentially because of its materials.

Of course, both can be attractive but EIFS has the ability to be more accommodating. Stucco can only make limited colors and designs considering the process of how it is made and i.e. by mixing water and cement along with other materials.

Stucco is a bit less expensive than EIFS but according to some articles, the difference is not really significant.

Which System to Choose then?

In reality, your decision should be based on your personal preference. If you need flexible designs with high energy efficiency, then you can go with EIFS. Yet as some web sources pointed out, if you or your children have this tendency to throw things on your wall for entertainment and other possible reasons, Stucco is advisable. And one more thing, you might want also to consider the manufacturers and installers of the cladding system. Choose the most reputable company like the Tampa Eifs or Stucco experts or whoever is the best for such endeavor in your area.

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