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Contract manufacturing is referred to as the contracting or outsourcing out the production service of a business to another business, third-party vendor, or external firm. Manufacturing services would include the production of the product to meet a needed specification, the engineering of the product, and designing the product.

The usual value chain of a manufacturing business is made up of a number of activities like manufacturing, marketing, inbound goods, and outbound goods. The manufacturing business also have some peripheral activities that would support its core activities and these are the R&D, finance, and human resources. The core and secluded activity of the manufacturing firm is manufacturing, with the involvement of another businesses in regards to the processed and raw materials that are needed in order to convert the manufactured product. When it comes to manufacturing, the contracted services are limited to labor and several allied services.

A contract manufacturing would provide great benefits to a business since the business will have a higher value on the products that it is manufacturing because of excellent production. Cost economics of the dependence on third party, increase in the collaborative environment regarding the supply chain, and globalization are the macro-economic factors that determine contract manufacturing. Manufacturing businesses rely on the help of third parties in order to gain advantages on the cost, a competitive advantage with the other vendors, and proximity to customers.

Industrial products industries and consumer business will also hire the service of contract manufacturing. Other industries like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and electronics will also use contract manufacturing when it comes to their collaborative efforts with their suppliers. So in order to have the brand name that the business would want on the packaging of their products, it would contract out other third party vendors. There are also industries in heavy engineering like the aerospace that also use some service from third-party vendors not only in regards to manufacturing but also on the designing of the components.

There are some various factors like the importance of being near the customers and the increase of the flow of communication between business partners using information technology would demand the use of third-party vendors when it comes to contract manufacturing.

A certain business with an expert design but would lack the skills in key manufacturing or bandwidth in order to process big consignments might need to get a contract with a manufacturer that have the skill in the process of manufacturing. More than one task can be contracted out to a third party by the manufacturing business. Any scaled down procedure from designing the product to the finished product that would be contracted out will be bound by contract manufacturing. So the manufacturing of products by a business under the brand or label of another business would provide great benefits to both businesses.

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